Principles & Culture

We are obsessed with quality and perpetual  improvement. As we get to know you, our approach will be optimized and tailored toward your transactional objectives.

A team of renowned industry experts.

Bravo’s workplace culture differentiates our firm and gives purpose to our work

01. Values driven

We never compromise our values for profits.

02. Deeper knowledge

We constantly train and drill our team. Knowledge of HUD’s rules and underwriting standards means that our loan sizings and pre-screenings are thorough and there are no surprises at the finish line.

03. Transparency

If we don’t know the answer, we will tell you that and will find out. There is no room for gamesmanship, as our business’ cornerstone is trusted long-term relationships.

04. Communication

Communication, standards and expectations will be clear and direct.

05. Hire and retain the best & brightest

We focus on hiring top talent across industries – finance scholarship winners, big law attorneys, and data scientists – with the understanding that hiring and retaining the best and brightest talent is everything. We are the firm for a client’s biggest and most important financings.

06. Professionalism

Our valued HUD partners, clients, and corporate relationships deserve white glove service – always and without exception.

07. Work smart

Certainty of execution is a direct result of quality work. We always have something to prove. Working at and building an institution in which we believe is a critical part of our identity.

08. Be nice

Treat co-workers with respect and express appreciation.

09. Play as a Team

“No ego” is a mantra that we live at Bravo. Senior executives do not hesitate to help our most junior employees with any task – no matter how menial – for the betterment of the team.

10. Proactive

We do not wait for someone to tell us what the next step is, and work will never be waiting on our desks. We are in constant motion and are always working on a transaction’s next steps.